IITs have a large number of alumni, many of who keep in touch with their alma mater and provide help in terms of funding, mentorship for students, and research collaboration. IITs promote interaction with their alumni by keeping them up-to-date about events on campus, facilitating region-wise meetings of alumni, and organizing reunions of batches (the most important of which is the Silver Jubilee Reunion after 25 years of graduation). Many IITs have received large donations from their alumni which is used for the betterment of IIT, for example, creating new buildings, starting new programmes, and promoting research etc.


Pan IIT is an organization containing the alumni of all IITs from all over the world. The focus of PanIIT is on common issues for all IIT campuses such as branding, advocacy and wider networking. The specific goals of PanIIT organizations are:

  • To manage, enhance and protect the"IIT Brand"that supports the highest standards in education, professional excellence, and giving back to society
  • To provide a wider forum for alumni networking and a broader range of alumni services. These services will include – but not limited to – the opportunity to network amongst each other and the surrounding community, mentoring new graduates and aspiring entrepreneurs, to offer direct assistance and such other conveniences that enhance the value of IIT alumni membership.
  • To provide a forum for advocacy. This will include – but not limited to – the opportunity to express alumni views on the governance of the IITs, offer opinions on matters pertaining to business, education, the environment and such other global matters that will enhance the future of all members of the IIT community.
  • To contribute to Nation Building, the economic and social development of India.